PracticeProfs is pleased to announce that as of January 2021, we have merged with Swarm Agency.
This merger further strengthens our position to deliver great value to our clients

Why PracticeProfs?

We’re your single source for unique marketing program creation, execution, and measurement.

We transform marketing from an expense into a business investment — creative activities, new business opportunities, and measurable results.

You need a marketing team.
You probably get phone calls and emails every day from different vendors trying to sell you on why their directory listing, advertising, or search engine tactic is the magic bullet for your marketing program. That’s what vendors do – try to fit everyone into the same box. Once the sale is made, you’re on your own.

Stay focused on what you do best, and let PracticeProfs become your entire marketing department. You’ll get a team of marketing experts led by a seasoned marketing executive. Together, we will build a custom plan to reach your audience and achieve your growth goals. Once the program is running, we’ll continue to search for and evaluate new opportunities while reporting on progress and results.

The best marketing programs share common attributes.
Here’s what you should expect from a true marketing program and partner:

  • A detailed plan that keeps your firm and messaging in front of current and prospective clients
  • A variety of tactics, such as digital, traditional, community outreach, seminar series, sports sponsorships, etc., that complement each other to improve results
  • A team of marketing experts, skilled in executing the various tactics, working on your behalf
  • Detailed reports with results and recommendations, presented in a format you can easily understand
  • Ownership of all the accounts, content, and work done on your behalf (website, blog posts, articles, listings, social media accounts, etc.)

It’s easy to sell a single tactic but very difficult to run a unique, comprehensive marketing program. Even though PracticeProfs has always approached marketing in the same way, no two client programs are alike. It takes the right mix of team and tactics to run a successful program. If you can’t measure it, don’t do it!℠

PracticeProfs generates results and proves them every month.
PracticeProfs implements the tracking tools necessary to see beyond impressions and clicks to actual calls, prospects, and clients generated through your marketing program. Each month, we sit down with your team to review results, including how new business opportunities are handled within your firm. We’re not successful unless you’re generating new revenue, so we scrutinize every step of the process from initial impression to signed client.

Marketing should be an investment, not just a budget line item.
Once your custom PracticeProfs marketing program is in place, you’ll gain insight into the cost of new prospects and clients. For example, a new client generated from paid search activities may cost $200 on average. With that knowledge, you can make informed business decisions. You can decide whether to invest more – or less – over time to grow your firm. Marketing becomes a worthwhile investment with a quantifiable return rather than just an expense.

Results Straight from Client Report Cards


Revenue increase within six months


Reduction in prospective client lead costs


Contact-to-consult ration

  • Launched nearly a dozen new firms
  • Grew business niche into 20% of firm’s revenue stream
  • Sustained top three search rankings over six months
  • Overhauled marketing strategy and client acquisition process, resulted in tripled revenue
  • Implemented new client management process, improving net promoter scores by 25%
  • $0 budget increase with introduction of new LinkedIn groups, continuing education seminar series, e-newsletters, and other low-cost, high return activities
  • New client acquisition cost under 6% of revenue
  • 14.0 marketing ROI (return on investment)
  • 67% revenue increase within six months
  • 30% website conversion (visitors contacting the firm)
  • 44% contact-to-consult ratio
  • 23% increase in initial consultations
  • 65% reduction in prospective client lead costs
  • 70% reduction in FindLaw expenses with 234% results improvement

What Our Clients Are Saying

Focused On Growth & Conversion

“Over the last 5+ years, Dave and the PracticeProfs team have helped me grow a niche opportunity into a major revenue stream. Through activities like seminars, events, and email marketing, they place our firm and our educational messages in front of people who purchase and refer our services.”

Neal Bach, CPA

Bach, James, Mansour & Company

Valued Business Partner

“We chose PracticeProfs to launch our firm and run our marketing program. They took a unique approach to positioning our brand and our team, and extended that through our ongoing marketing campaign. Beyond marketing, we value their business advice as we look for opportunities to grow.”

Steve Litner

Litner + Deganian

Meaningful Metrics

“Unlike many tactical vendors, PracticeProfs handles all our firm’s marketing efforts – from internet optimization to collegiate sports sponsorships. They are relentless about metrics and maintain a detailed report card, but they spend our time wisely discussing key trends and opportunities to enhance results.”

Josh Carroll

Buzzell, Graham & Welsh

Tailor-Made Approach

“PracticeProfs took the time to understand the nuances of our firm and practice areas. From our original messaging, website, and brochure, they have been a consistent resource, always offering sound advice and helping us highlight accomplishments and make enhancements as we grow the firm.”

Doug Chalmers

Chalmers Burch & Adams

Calculated Growth Investment

“Nearly three years ago, I contacted Dave and his team because my advertising vendors were all claiming success, but my phones weren’t ringing. PracticeProfs overhauled my firm’s marketing strategy, implementing a broad mix of online and local activities focused on generating clients and revenue rather than just impressions and clicks. Their report card approach has transformed our law firm marketing from a guess into a calculated growth investment with specific goals and detailed results reporting. Every month, the team identifies creative new ways to attract clients and maintain our double-digit growth trend. More importantly, Dave’s honesty and integrity is second to none! I consider him a valuable asset to my organization as a whole, not just in our marketing department.”

Mary A. Stearns-Montgomery, Managing Partner

Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor

Highly Versatile

“PracticeProfs launched our firm in 2013 and has been running our marketing program ever since. They generate new business opportunities through a variety of activities and even train our team members to ensure that leads convert into clients. Our revenue growth has consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Marshall Cohen

Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group

Driving Our Marketing Initiatives Forward

“With an excellent understanding of our buyers, they were able to effectively position our company as an industry leader and differentiate us in a very competitive market. The team consistently went beyond our expectations, driving our marketing initiatives forward while we were focused on running our business. Their emphasis on open communication and detailed planning ensured that input from our leadership team was incorporated accurately into our messaging framework, marketing plan, collateral, educational content, and website.”

Chander Mani, Executive Vice President

Scintel Technologies

Communicate More Effectively

“We challenged the PracticeProfs team to position three firms as established, independent, and successful brands under one corporate umbrella – and they delivered. By defining our target audiences, PracticeProfs helped us prioritize messages and communicate more effectively while using their “distinguish and dismiss” approach to differentiate us from our competitors. Throughout the initiative, Dave and Tom provided me with a steady stream of tactical ideas and advice that I use to market the firms.”

William Kring, CFP®, AIF®, Managing Partner

Wealth & Pension Services Group

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