PracticeProfs is pleased to announce that as of January 2021, we have merged with Swarm Agency.
This merger further strengthens our position to deliver great value to our clients

Who We Serve

PracticeProfs will run your marketing program so you can stay focused on your clients and your firm.

We get you. At PracticeProfs, we know what it’s like to be a professional service firm.

PracticeProfs understands the unique needs of professional service firms – because we are one. We recognize that your product is your expertise. Clients require your personal involvement, so every moment you spend acquiring and converting new prospects is a moment you can’t spend serving your current clients.

PracticeProfs delivers practical, results-focused solutions, including:

How can I grow my firm when I’m busy running it?
We hear this question all the time. At best, marketing is a part-time job that temporary increases your prospective clients. Things get busy, marketing takes a back seat, and then you have to start all over again to generate new business. The ongoing cycle can drive you crazy, and PracticeProfs can help you end it. Our custom marketing solutions deliver new prospects and help you convert them for long-term success.

PracticeProfs understands your firm and your clients, and we know that no two firms are alike. Just as you build a unique plan for each of your clients, PracticeProfs will build a custom plan for your firm. Let us become your complete marketing team. We’ll run your marketing program and make your phones ring with new business opportunities.

Law Firm Marketing

Law school gave you a good knowledge base, but the real-world practice of law has made you the attorney you are today. Whether you’re solo or a partner in a larger firm, you understand what you need to do to represent your clients as they transact, grow, heal, and (try to) stay out of trouble.

Marketing, however, is a different story. Maybe you’ve tried a few tactics along the way, but it’s time-consuming and tough to tell what’s working. You need a marketing team of experts, but it doesn’t make sense to hire your own full-time, in-house team.

Accounting Firm and CPA Firm Marketing

As more independent firms are acquired and tax software makes it easier for people to file their own taxes, competition among CPA firms mounts higher and higher. It takes more than word-of-mouth marketing to maintain your client base and revenue stream, let alone grow it. That’s time and energy (and skills) you just don’t have. There are plenty of people trying to sell you that perfect marketing solution, which magically corresponds with their commission. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to back up their claims with real numbers.

You need someone to evaluate the overwhelming number of marketing options, implement the right mix of activities, and prove what’s working. This is exactly what PracticeProfs does, and our attention to analytics is what sets us apart from everyone else. Just take a look at our Report Card reporting process and you’ll agree.

IT Services Firm Marketing

With the IT services industry more competitive than ever before, it’s imperative that your firm be more successful at generating new business. Just as you need to differentiate your firm, you must also differentiate your marketing program. Avoid the same tired SEO and advertising tactics everyone else is using.

Let PracticeProfs create and manage an innovative marketing program for your IT services firm. Using analytics to measure what’s working best, we will help you:

  • Narrow and segment your target audiences to focus on the best opportunities
  • Keep your message and your sales team in front of buyers and influencers so you stay top of mind
  • Aggressively compete for every new business opportunity

Professional Service Firm Marketing

While every professional service firm is different, some things are often surprisingly similar. As firm principals, you are experts in your industries. You generate the most value to your firms when you’re working with current and prospective clients or managing your teams. If more people knew about your quality of work, more people would be calling. Simple.

Where does that leave marketing? There are just too many options and too many sales reps. You’re smart enough to know that a single tactic won’t work, but doing it yourself or managing a part-time marketer is just too time-consuming.

PracticeProfs has experience working with a variety of professional service organizations, including financial planners, insurance agencies, IT services, and medical practices – backed up by the quantitative results that confirm we know what we’re doing. Let us run your marketing department and help grow your business with our team of experts, your custom marketing plan, and reporting that confirms success.

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