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When you are developing marketing content to attract new business, the goal is to create something that your recipients will actually want to read. You want your materials to motivate your potential clients to pick up the phone and contact you, your referral sources to send quality business your way, and to grow your professional network and reputation. Here are six tips on creating shareable content:

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Title and Subject

Readers will decide within the first couple of seconds whether to read your content, so you have to grab their attention quickly. Your content should be targeted, focused, and purposeful. Pick a subject matter that is brief but compelling. Stick to one topic at a time. (Have several ideas for content? Great! You can write a series.) You will also want the topic to be current; nothing drives readers away faster than canned content.

Educate, Don’t Sell

Once you have a topic, the next step is to tackle the presentation of the piece. You want to educate your readers. Tell them an interesting story about an issue they should be aware of, or a problem that you can help them solve. Don’t sell to them! If readers perceive an underlying “buy now” message, they will quickly click away from the page or unsubscribe from your newsletter. Once you introduce the educational topic, make sure you get to the point as soon as possible.

Keep It Light and Conversational

In addition to being current, educational, and of human interest, your materials should also incorporate a light and conversational tone. Skip the technical jargon for more common and easier to understand language. At the end of the piece, make sure you invite your readers to engage with you or your company: Does this subject apply to you? Have you had a similar situation? Is there anything we can do to help?

Format for Easy Reading

One way to encourage someone to read your blog is to make it visually appealing and as easy to digest as possible. Use headlines, bullet points, and short paragraphs to summarize the material and allow the reader to scan quickly. Remember that most people will be reading your content on a mobile device – keep it mobile friendly. The easier it is for your reader to access the content, the more likely they are to read and share it.

Reading vs. Reminding

As you are developing your content, when in doubt, ask yourself, “Is this something I would want to read?” If it interests you, chances are it will appeal to other readers. However, keep in mind that there is no one article or blog that universally appeals to everyone. And that’s okay! On average, open rates for an email newsletter are about 15-25%, but the reminder rate is 100%. You still get credit for getting your name in front of potential clients and referral sources, and there’s a high likelihood that they will read your materials the next time around.

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