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How well are you handling true prospect calls?

We’re all used to working with potential clients who have been referred by a peer or another attorney. They may ask some questions, but with your first communication you know that they have already narrowed their search or decided to use your firm. Your main challenge is getting them on your calendar as quickly as possible.

“Real” prospects are a completely different scenario. These folks haven’t necessarily heard of your firm. They may ask many more detailed and complex questions about your services, and are often unsure of how to proceed. We don’t like to admit this, but convincing them to use your services, or just meet with an attorney, is a sales process that requires creative seling skills. Part 1 of this article presented 5 tips for turning more prospects into clients. In this part we’ll discuss how to measure your results.

Measuring your “sales” success

At PracticeProfs, we deliver these real prospects for our clients as part of our law firm marketing programs, but unless there is a process in place to effectively handle the calls/emails and measure results, you’re throwing at least part of your marketing investment out the window. Here are four tips to help you measure those results.

  • Segment. Use a separate phone number for your marketing efforts. Companies offer tracking numbers for as little as $10 per month, including detailed reporting, caller ID information, and the option to record calls. Keep it simple and start with one tracking number. You can always add additional numbers later.
  • Document. Whoever answers the phone/email should document contact information as well as disposition – who was assigned to follow up, live transfer vs. voice mail. You can use your law firm management technology if it offers this functionality, but a Word or Excel document will work just fine.
  • Report. In sales terms, this is called your prospect pipeline. By keeping track of activity at the firm (or specific attorney) level, you can measure current results as well as improvement over time. Here are some key metrics to use:
    • Marketing calls/emails – a great metric for general activity.
    • Documented prospects – separates real prospects from junk.
    • Meetings/consults – your ability to get prospects in front of attorneys.
    • New clients – measure of ability to bring in new business
  • Share. You’ve got data! Good or bad, share the results and trends with your team. Discuss tactics that are working, and encourage attorneys to share their best practices as well as their challenges. Allow them to grow as a team.

It’s time to grow your firm

Most proactive, consistent marketing activities will build your client/attorney referral network over time, which will have a positive impact to your business. BUT – converting this new class of prospects in into consults and clients is how you will really grow your firm.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.SM

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