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One question we frequently receive at PracticeProfs relates to writing and law firm marketing. Our clients want to know, is it more effective to advertise for their law firm, or educate potential clients about issues that their law firm handles? In the current digital environment, everyone gets inundated with information. The trick is figuring out how to make your law firm’s marketing stand out from your competitors. 

Make it Memorable

To begin, let’s point out that this isn’t Mad Men. The goal isn’t to change the conversation and create an advertisement that everyone is talking about. Instead, the goal is to create something that people remember. Something that, when people hear about a particular legal issue, they connect it with your law firm. You want people to remember your name when the time is right. 

An advertisement might temporarily grab your attention. But educational content, on the other hand, is something that lingers. By educating a potential client, you are providing them with something of value. It might be calling their attention to a developing issue or presenting a solution to a common legal problem. Either way, potential clients tend to remember educational content for days, weeks, and even months after they first see it.

Educational Writing is Effective Writing

So, what are the best types of educational content for a law firm? Whether you’re working on your website, blog, newsletter, social media, or CLE presentation, there are several different types of educational material. Each will help promote your law firm and generate leads. You can write about your experiences as an attorney working on a case, discussing what you learned or how you helped others in the legal community. You can provide general advice or legal tips, helping others to avoid legal mistakes. Also, you can share your success stories, either as an individual or with your law firm or other non-profit organization. 

Generate Leads with Easy-to-Read Material

As you work on your educational content, remember to keep things general. You do not want to inadvertently give out trade secrets or violate client confidentiality. Just keep it simple enough that your readers or viewers understand the legal issue and how you or your firm can help them resolve it. Establishing yourself as a legal authority in a particular field helps generate quality leads.

Another piece of legal marketing advice for attorneys is to remember your audience. Who are you writing these pieces for? What issues are they trying to solve, and how would they describe those issues? What are their interests and attention spans? It’s important to understand your potential client’s mindset. They will likely have a short attention span (just like the rest of us) and will probably do a quick scan of your material before deciding to read it in full. Make the information easy for them to digest! Keep it to one page, write short paragraphs, and use headlines or bullet points that help tell the story. Your audience might not always be interested in the topic – and that’s okay – the goal is to capture their attention. Even if the material doesn’t resonate with them, they still might forward it to their friends or peers. And now, you’ve expanded your reach. Marketing mission accomplished!

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