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If sales and marketing were represented by a clock face, sales (or business development) would represent one minute – although a very high-quality minute – of contact. Marketing would represent the other 59 minutes.

Here’s why you need both to be successful growing your firm.

Sales are the time you spend in direct one-to-one communication with those who may now, or in the future, have an interest in utilizing your services. This includes meetings, meals, calls, and emails where you’re discussing your services with a prospective “buyer” of your services. For simplicity’s sake, business development is similar but includes contact with those who can further your business and refer those already interested in your services. The activity that happens before and between that direct communication is marketing.

Marketing is all the other ways your target audiences may be exposed to you and your firm when you’re not involved in one-to-one communication. Common activities include advertising, websites, newsletters, client reviews, and public relations. Marketing includes the message that generates awareness and sets you apart from competitors, the communication that maintains awareness, and the creativity that gets people talking about you when you’re not around. When this generates interest in “buying” your services, the sales role takes over.

You don’t need to go out and hire big sales and marketing teams, but both of these roles should be represented in your firm. If marketing is underrepresented, consider contacting PracticeProfs for some additional support.

The Marketing Minute is a series of brief articles providing tips to improve your firm’s marketing results, from initial planning to new client acquisition.

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