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Why do my competitors have so many 5-star reviews?

Have you noticed that some of your competitors have tens or even hundreds of 5-star Google reviews? It’s not luck. Most likely, the reviews are a critical and planned component of their marketing programs.

If a prospective client might Google you, then Google reviews are important to your business

If you run a consumer-focused business, Google reviews encourage (or scare off) potential customers, and differentiate you from competitors. But this goes for business-to-business firms as well. Remember that a corporate buyer is still a consumer, and consumers want to know what other consumers think.

So what can reviews offer?

  • Extra exposure. Google rewards consistent reviews with better “Google My Business” listing exposure. Free SEO!
  • Validation. Prospective clients can read and relate to what others are saying.
  • Marketing content. Success stories are great to share, as are reviews. Ultimately, you’ll want to add both to your website.

Bad reviews aren’t necessarily bad

Some firms shy away from reviews, scared that one negative review will ruin their business. A negative review now and then isn’t the end of the world, and it can even help validate the authenticity of your positive reviews. Prospective clients understand that not everyone will be 100% satisfied.

Want 5-start reviews of your own? You’re probably going to have to ask

Unfortunately, clients who’ve bad experiences are much more likely to share them. Consider asking your most satisfied clients to give you a review. Set a simple goal, like one new review per month.

If you’re anxious to increase your Google review count, remember that there’s nothing accidental about a page full of 5-star ratings. It’s possible to make great Google reviews a part of your marketing plan—and enjoy the real, measurable results that come from the increased exposure and differentiation. Ready to get started? Call us today.

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