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This merger further strengthens our position to deliver great value to our clients

Lead Process Improvement

Sell with purpose and proficiency. Your firm shouldn’t have to rely on luck.

Boost your marketing program even further by teaching associates and administrative staff new skills.

While you probably don’t consider yourself a sales rep, you can still adopt fundamental sales strategies that will improve your firm’s ability to generate new clients. In fact, your sales process starts well before any initial meetings and includes some critical milestones:

  • Conversion Event: Understand and create the interactions that trigger the initial contact.
  • Inquiry: Respond quickly and appropriately.
  • Prospect Communication: Realize that your receptionist is an important sales rep.
  • Consultation: Build a relationship in 60 minutes or less.
  • Proposal: Create indispensable value.
  • Contract: View it as just one step in the sales continuum.
  • Survey: Learn from each experience.

PracticeProfs will help you document, measure, and improve every step in your sales process. You’ll receive more calls and benefit from more retained clients. Learn from your successes and your failures, and remove luck from the equation.

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