PracticeProfs is pleased to announce that as of January 2021, we have merged with Swarm Agency.
This merger further strengthens our position to deliver great value to our clients


If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.℠

Download our new white paper Marketing Results: Measurement and Analytics and transform your marketing program from an expense into a business growth investment!

At PracticeProfs, we continuously make decisions and evolve each custom marketing program based on data. Our data-based approach delivers quantifiable results to prove your return on investment.

Metrics such as cost-per-contact, acquisition cost, marketing allocation, and ROI are critical to evaluating program effectiveness. At PracticeProfs, we trust the numbers – not what an advertising vendor promises.

PracticeProfs Report Card

PracticeProfs uses a proprietary dashboard reporting tool to present the return on investment (ROI) from all of your activities. We consolidate disparate reporting, verify all numbers with neutral third-party tools, and present results in an easy-to-understand Report Card format. You can review specific timeframes as well as track trends over time.

Armed with this quantitative data, together we can quickly make adjustments to continuously improve your long-term results. Marketing becomes an investment, not just a budget or a cost. Once you know what you’re willing to spend to acquire a new client, it’s a simple decision to invest in activities that will yield clients for that amount – or less.

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