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The Marketing Minute – Paying for Nothing?

Ask these three questions before you lock into a worthless marketing contract.

I met an attorney who was half-way through a search engine optimization (SEO) contract. Since there was no program reporting offered, I used SEM Rush, a neutral reporting tool, to show results. There were none – a total flat line. The vendor had no response, other than to point us to the term commitment. This attorney was locked into a contact paying $1,000 each month – for nothing.

I’ll do nothing for only $500 per month…

Learn from the costly mistakes of others. Here are three simple questions to ask marketing vendors before signing the contract:

  • What will you do for me each month? This will help uncover a “set-and-forget” program. Marketing requires proactive ongoing effort. No effort, no results.
  • How do you report results? You should get at least a monthly update on the work completed and subsequent results, including clicks and calls.
  • What happens if it doesn’t work? If the program is successful, terrific. If it fails, you want to be able to walk away.

Try before you buy

Any vendor can talk about potentially amazing results (we’ll get you on page 1 of Google!) and show client references. Your results will vary. Your location, target audience, and even vendor level of effort can have a major impact on your program and results. If you like an idea, try it for a few months and see how things go. Real marketing firms offer this flexibility.

By the way, you can’t just “do” SEO anymore. SEO is a byproduct of your efforts to provide relevant information to prospective clients. Real marketing firms understand this.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.SM

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