PracticeProfs is pleased to announce that as of January 2021, we have merged with Swarm Agency.
This merger further strengthens our position to deliver great value to our clients

Here’s how PracticeProfs clients have been reaching prospects and increasing brand awareness.

PracticeProfs has been hard at work developing and executing creative marketing campaigns that ensure our clients remain top of mind and continue to grow, even in these uncertain times. We’ve developed community service campaigns, expanded educational seminars into widely viewed webinars, gotten clients media coverage, and plotted marketing for the economic reboot. Here are some specific examples of how we have helped several clients stay relevant and get results through the various stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Supporting local medical heroes. One of our clients has been partnering with local restaurants and providing dinner to frontline medical heroes – workers and staff. The meals are part of an ongoing #HKHeroes campaign that has served four hospitals and fed over 500 people. The #HKHeroes campaign has been quite popular, generating local TV, print and radio coverage due to our PR efforts.
  • Sharing life experiences. We developed the #LDCares social media campaign for an Atlanta-based firm, focused on sharing experiences rather than the typical “we’re here for you” messages. Attorneys posted about social isolation and teleworking, offered to deliver food to needy individuals, included fun family photos, and told bad jokes. The campaign has generated thousands of brand impressions for the firm.
  • Dealing with the new normal. We created a series of articles for a special needs and elder law firm client to help support caregivers (more heroes) through these trying circumstances. Caregivers’ challenges are unique, with disrupted schedules, lack of contact, and personal health concerns making their lives much more difficult. This unique content received record readership rates. 
  • Educating about pandemic issues. We created webinars (and a webinar series) for several clients that educated business leaders on the impact of the pandemic on key workplace decisions. Attendance surpassed 500 on the most popular topics, and one client now has a regular column in a local legal industry publication.
  • Providing answers to tough questions. The referral network members of one of our CPA firm clients had a variety of questions (financial and non-financial) about how pandemic-related issues would impact their clients. We recruited a cross-industry panel of experts, and created a single online event where members could get all of their questions answered. More than 2,000 managers and executives attended or viewed the online event.
  • Updating clients in a fluid situation. Ongoing changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application and forgiveness process has required some of our law and accounting firm clients to provide a regular stream of critical updates. As new regulations were introduced and new guidance received, we developed straightforward content and graphics that helped their audiences understand how the changes impacted their businesses.
  • Interviewing Industry Peers. PracticeProfs developed a series of executive interviews for a legal services provider discussing how those executives and their teams were dealing with teleworking and other pandemic-related workplace challenges. The series was featured on the company’s website, communicated through email and business social media, and adapted into a successful webinar.

These are just some of the things PracticeProfs has done to help our clients stay relevant and reach prospects and clients during these unprecedented times. If you’d like to learn more about how PracticeProfs can assist your company turn marketing please contact us.

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