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Dear Advertising Providers:

In Part I of this blog, we began to offer some practical advice for improving your relationship with our professional services firms. Here are some additional ideas based on a variety of feedback received after Part I was posted.

  1. Don’t quote the contract. If the results stink, just admit it and then make it right. Don’t point to some clause in your contract that limits your liability. Fix the problem.
  2. Do unto others… How do you like it when someone ignores you? Stop ignoring us. If you like to get called back, call us back. If you want us to listen, listen to us. If you treat us with respect (we are the backbone of the American economy after all), we will treat you with respect.
  3. Put the customer first. We are your small, medium, and large customers. When we contact you, please help us or find someone else who can. Don’t just blindly send us off to another group, and then another group, etc. Provide warm handoffs (stay on the line) until someone answers who can actually respond to our question.
  4. Build a relationship. We might spend more money with you if you help us generate more business. Take the time to understand our businesses. Even if you think we’re the same as our competitors, pretend we’re different. Show up more than once a year and we’ll be more likely to take the time to meet with you. By the way, we don’t like to be called “Customer 100753028.”
  5. Understand that we’re pretty smart folks. We don’t believe in banner advertising, raw impressions, or $750 monthly web hosting. We understand (and live by) ROI, and need to find better ways to link all activities to it. We know our target audience, and are open to new ways of reaching it. Finally, we know when you stretch the truth, so don’t.

We mentioned this in Part I, but we really like investing in activities that drive demand for our products and services. There is more competition than ever for our advertising dollars. We want to put our resources into the companies providing the best service and results. Resolve our issues and we’ll be your clients forever. Ignore us at your own peril. Our networking skills are also getting much better…


Professional Service Providers

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.

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