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The Marketing Minute – Why You DON’T Need a Separate Mobile Website

One of my law firm clients received a spam email saying that the firm needed a mobile website ( to “successfully reach the high percentage of today’s visitors who use tablets and mobile devices to browse website content.” The message was valid, and the firm already had a mobile site, but the execution was flawed. Separate mobile websites are obsolete, gone the way of cassette tapes and analog TV.

Video killed the radio star

Website technology has evolved to the point that your website can now automatically adjust to the type of screen being used to view your content. It’s called Responsive Web Design (RWD), a complex term with simple-to-understand advantages:

  • Consistency – Optimal visitor experience regardless of computer, tablet, and phone screen size.
  • Availability – Technology is even available on WordPress templates.
  • Budget – Costs less than building two separate websites.
  • Simplicity – Maintain, market, and track a single site.


Google has adopted RWD as its recommended website configuration, and using a single-site approach can improve search engine optimization as well as social media campaign results.

I’m glad we stay focused on the end result – generating leads – rather than any specific tactic or technology. Make sure your marketing providers are doing the same.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.SM

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