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The Marketing Minute – Tips for Law Firm and Accounting Firm Marketing Success.

Do you really own your website?

Many website vendors will claim that you “own” your website, but forget to mention that it may cost thousands of dollars if you ever want to cancel their service and move your website elsewhere. Without contractual ownership of these four primary website components, you may have to completely re-create your site rather than just transition it:

  1. Content – all the words on the pages.
  2. Template – the “look and feel” of your pages, including Images.
  3. Platform – commonly known as a content management system. WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal are the top three public platforms. Proprietary platforms are a red flag.
  4. Domain – your firm needs to be the domain ( registrant. If not, have your vendor transfer it to you immediately. Thanks to Tony Rushin of Network 1 Consulting for suggesting this.

How do you know for sure if you’re really in control? Ask your website vendor or prospective vendor if you can change website hosting providers at any time. If the answer is an unqualified yes, you are probably safe. If not, you could be making a very costly mistake.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.SM

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