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The Marketing Minute – Tips for Law Firm and Accounting Firm Marketing Success.

Dear %FirstName% (Yes, this is intentional)

I received two email marketing messages today with botched salutations. The first error, listed above, was probably caused by an incorrect tag in an email marketing tool. The second message just had “Dear,” at the top, which could have been caused by a variety of mistakes.

Professional services firms are expected to be detail-oriented, so mistakes like this can negatively impact the reader’s perception of your firm. Here are a few ways to avoid this type of embarrassing error:

  • Send a test message. Viewing the system-generated preview isn’t enough. If your email marketing or newsletter tool doesn’t offer the ability to send a free test message, find another tool.
  • View multiple formats. Readers will view message in Outlook and on web browsers using PC’s, Macs, tablets, and phones. Test several formats, or better yet use a marketing tool with built-in testing capabilities.
  • Approve everything written on your behalf. It’s your name and reputation on the line.

Email marketing tools are now packed with features that make them much more powerful and also much more complicated to use. Take an extra few minutes to test every message just to be sure it positively reflects your law firm or accounting firm.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.SM

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