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Marketing Results: Measurement and Analytics

Download the new white paper and transform your marketing program from an expense into a business growth investment.

For many professional firms, marketing can feel like a budget expense – something you pay for because it’s expected. But the best marketing programs aren’t just an expense. They’re an investment in business and growth. This investment can – and should – be tracked, measured, and adjusted as your business changes.

Try before you buy, and don’t go into a marketing meeting without understanding what you need to make your business grow. Before you get locked into a contract, take the time to educate and empower yourself. In this whitepaper, you will learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions and test before you buy.
  • Understand the key marketing metrics to track, so you can link results to revenue.
  • Determine new client acquisition cost, the primary measure of marketing success.
  • Dispel marketing myths and deflate sales puffery.
  • Evolve your marketing from a budget expense into a business investment.

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    About PracticeProfs

    Since 2010, PracticeProfs has been generating measurable new business revenue at a reduced cost for law firms, accounting and CPA firms, IT service firms, and other professional service firms through full-service, custom marketing and sales programs. We become your single marketing touch point. PracticeProfs is a perfect fit for small- and medium-sized professional service firms that want to grow.

    When we create your custom marketing mix, we explore more than just print and digital solutions. We also consider sports sponsorships, community outreach, seminar series, and other creative approaches to reach your target audiences. The result: a fully-managed marketing team that moves beyond the hype to provide successful marketing and sales planning, execution, and management.

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