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With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down the economy and requiring most people to shelter in place, your phones are probably not ringing with new business opportunities as often as they were a couple of months ago. With business survival and PPP loans at the top of the priority list for most business owners, marketing may not be your primary focus. Many of your competitors are slashing marketing efforts. Don’t make that same critical mistake.

What you do today, and during the impending coronavirus recovery, will determine how quickly your business will recover from this crisis. Keeping your firm’s name on the minds of current and prospective clients will better position you to recover and grow as communities and businesses reopen. When your competitors shut down their marketing efforts, it makes it that much easier for your message to be heard. While they are trying to slowly ramp back up, you’ll be in full stride, ready to capitalize on short- and longer-term opportunities as we return to (the new) normal.

Maintain relevance today…

Here are some tactics to implement today, with a list of recovery-oriented tactics below.

  1. Remain responsive. As your workforce shelters in place, make sure they are equipped – and obliged – to answer prospect and client calls and emails immediately.
  2. Stay relevant. Don’t disconnect with prospects, clients, or referral sources just because work has slowed. At the same time, don’t send out more of those bland emails reminding clients “we’re still open.”
  3. Adjust message and media. If you can’t at least loosely tie in the current business and personal environment into your communications, you need to get more creative. Go where your clients are communicating and gathering info – LinkedIn, Facebook, trade publications, and online forums.
  4. Reconnect. Send an email, pick up the phone and call, or send a handwritten note to key clients, prospects, and referral sources. Keep the message simple – hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy. No sales message needed.
  5. Get creative. Try new ways to reach your target audience. It could be educational, like a webinar, interview series, or an article pitch to a trade publication. In this unusual time, consider ideas to maintain awareness in your community, like a chalk-the-walk contest, hospital heroes recognition event, or medical supply donations. The key is to be creative.

While you plan for tomorrow

The pandemic will end, but are you prepared to take advantage of the economic “reboot?” Here are a few tactics to keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

  1. Advertise. With so many organizations cutting back, advertising competition is way down. Where Google AdWords, LinkedIn, industry directory, or other advertising venues may not have previously been cost effective (or not executed correctly), that may have changed.
  2. Update your website. Is your site making the right first impression? Now is a good time to update (or overhaul) the site to be more appealing, informative, and lead focused. You’ll also want to start preparing for the major 2020 Google search updates.
  3. Create content. The educational aspect of marketing never ends. Collect your contacts, write about topics that will help them manage their businesses, and publish on your website, social media, email newsletter, industry trades, etc.
  4. Hire PracticeProfs. Just kidding, sort of. Where your short-sighted competitors may have cut or dropped their marketing activities, ramp up to bring in fresh new ideas and the resources to quickly execute them during the recovery. There are many options.

This is definitely not business as usual. Planning takes time, so start now. Focusing on the future will give you a boost over competitors, and an early advantage as business returns back to the new normal.

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