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It’s Monday at 8 p.m., and all activity has stopped in my house. My wife and daughter are huddled in front of the TV with baited breath waiting for Arie’s final decision on The Bachelor. This is my chance to sneak away and get some work done, as my attendance and endless snide comments are far from welcome.

When we follow our natural inclination to apply what we learn from The Bachelor to law firm marketing, there are some striking similarities. Here are five marketing lessons that immediately come to mind.

  1. You should date more than 3 times before you get married. It takes time to get dating – and marketing – right. You need to be patient, try different approaches, and make adjustments to optimize results. And if things aren’t working, you need to be able to pivot and move on.
  2. The results of one activity may help you in other areas. Just as The Bachelor participants land complementary roles in future shows, the activities in the best marketing programs complement each other. A great content program (blog/newsletter) may boost your search engine optimization results. Google reviews may improve your website traffic.
  3. Romance only gets you so far. The first people to make out or take off their clothes never win. It takes time – though not much – on The Bachelor to build a strong relationship. It’s the same with your prospective clients. Educate them and keep your brand in front of them so you’re there when they are ready.
  4. Don’t tell everyone you love them. I lost count of the number of women Arie is in love with. Keep your firm focused on what you do best. Saying no to clients or client requests that fall outside of your expertise will ensure you continue to provide excellent service, and also build stronger relationships over time.
  5. You need someone to tell you it’s the final rose. Doesn’t it seem pretty obvious there’s only one rose left on the tray? Chris Harrison is there to keep things organized and moving forward during stressful times, similar to your marketing team. He – and the PracticeProfs team – plan next steps, offer advice, introduce new opportunities, and report on results.

Wait, The Bachelor finale is two nights? I guess I’ll have to write a tell-all blog post next!

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