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You’ve decided to open your own law practice. Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment. Now it’s time to generate buzz and bring in those quality clients. In Part One of our blog on marketing your new law firm, we discussed defining your practice, building your online presence, and creating social media accounts. In Part Two, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide on announcing your law firm launch, highlighting those positive client reviews, and how to start writing promotional materials.

4. Celebrate with a launch announcement!

A launch announcement is a great way to get some initial exposure for your firm and, ideally, some new business. Announcements can be a card or letter, an email, a press release – or better yet, all of the above. Send your announcement to everyone on your contact list: work colleagues, former classmates, previous clients, neighbors, friends, Mom, Dad, etc. Anyone could be a good referral source.

5. Feature good reviews and testimonials.

While we’re discussing previous clients and work colleagues, these are excellent resources for reviews and testimonials. Word of mouth and recommendations are great for consumer-focused and small-business-focused law firms. Once you have a collection of great reviews, share them on your website and social media. Your Google Business page is a great platform for highlighting reviews, as this page tends to be the most viewed by potential clients. While you cannot share reviews to Google Business yourself, you can ask clients and colleagues to leave a positive review on your Google Business page. Facebook and Yelp are also popular sites for client and peer reviews. Again, it’s all about establishing credibility for your potential clients.

6. Put it in writing.

Once you’re ready and can commit, start writing. You can provide general advice, share legal tips, discuss your experience as an attorney, and even write about your success stories. The ideas are endless; just be sure to keep it to a simple two or three paragraphs. You can use these pieces for your website blog, promotional emails, newsletters, social media posts, or even for third party publications.

While these six steps will help you promote your law firm, the key to a successful initial marketing strategy is to keep your goals reasonable. Don’t bite off more than you can chew when it comes to developing your website, posting on social media, or writing blogs. Prioritize quality content on the most effective platforms and be sure that you can maintain this level of activity for the next 6-12 months. If this seems like too daunting a task, or if you are just too busy, you might consider hiring a professional to help develop this important marketing investment.

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