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You’ve decided to open your own practice. Congratulations! Hanging your shingle is a huge accomplishment. Now it’s time to start bringing in those quality clients and referrals. When it comes to running your business, you already have plenty of legal experience. But what about promoting your law firm to the public? In today’s blog, PracticeProfs is giving you a step-by-step guide to getting your law firm marketing up and running. In Part One, we’ll look at defining your practice, building your online presence, and creating social media accounts.

1. Define your practice.

Your professional persona is key to both your business plan and your marketing strategy. It establishes you as a legal authority and sets your business apart from other, competing law firms. As you’re figuring out your professional brand, you might want to ask yourself questions like: “What exactly do I do?” “What don’t I do?” “How am I different from other law firms in the same practice area?” “Why is practicing law important to me?”

2. Begin building your online presence.

Once you have developed your law firm name and your professional persona, it’s time to start building your online presence. Begin by registering for a website domain name. Then, you will start the process of building your website, both the visual elements and the written materials. Think of your website as an online business card. Make sure it includes your name, your law firm name, contact information, and service areas. You should also consider adding professional bios and photos for the attorneys and support staff. It is worth investing some money into your online presence. While you may not attract a lot of people who are cold-searching the internet, prospective clients will absolutely visit your website as a confirmation of your credibility. Make sure your website is presenting you and your firm in the best way possible.

3. Create social media accounts for your firm.

Now that you’ve created your ideal professional brand and an eye-catching website, it’s time to join some social media platforms. While there are a variety of social media accounts (and it seems like new ones every day!), prioritize the most useful platforms for your law firm. LinkedIn and Google Business are valuable, business-focused social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are effective for reaching your potential clients. Start with a few accounts, and once you are comfortable, you can add additional platforms like Instagram.

In addition to creating social media accounts, make sure you fill out your free attorney profiles on sites like Avvo, FindLaw, and These websites provide another means of promoting yourself and it gives clients an additional way of finding you online. (Note: creating a free account will trigger some sales calls, but you can ignore those for now).

So what’s next? Next month, in Part Two of our blog on marketing your law firm, we’ll discuss launch announcements, highlighting your client testimonials, and writing promotional material for your firm. See you then!

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