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Every day, since the beginning of March, the statistics and information related to the coronavirus have been evolving. “Do this to protect yourself.” “Don’t do this to protect yourself.” “This will all blow over soon.” “Hunker down, because we’ll be here for a while.” Understandably, the uncertainty of our current situation is causing some anxiety. Companies are feeling it, and our clients are feeling it. But during this time of social distancing and isolation, it is important to continue connecting with and supporting your clients. 

Remember, people still need professional support.

Just because people have relocated from their office building to their homes, that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped needing professional support. The foundation of a successful business is understanding your client and their needs. So, now is the ideal time to re-evaluate your client. What professional problems are they dealing with? How can you help? How can you (temporarily) change your business model so that you can continue to provide solutions?  One way is to shift your services from in-person to online.

One of our clients, for example, is an immigration law firm. Typically, the attorneys and clients would be meeting in-person; however, with the “shelter in place” policy, they can’t do that. To continue helping their clients with pending cases, the firm has launched a blog specifically for monitoring the US immigration courts and US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Clients looking for their update can now check the blog, which the law firm keeps current. 

Use this “downtime” wisely.

Many of your clients are at home right now, looking for ways to fill their time. (If you don’t believe me, check out the videos your friends and family have been posting on social media). Now is a great time to shift gears and offer some online classes and webinars. Take that Lunch and Learn presentation you were planning to make and turn it into a live session or a recorded class. You’ll have a new way to connect with your current clients, and even pick up some new ones along the way. 

Another PracticeProfs client, a business law firm that deals with labor and employment issues, recently hosted a webinar about legal considerations specific to the coronavirus. The online audience learned how to spot potential problems as well as how the law firm could help with COVID-19-related legal cases in the future. 

Focus on the long-term.

Some businesses are in a position to help their clients directly during this health crisis. Others are making enhancements to their websites, digital presence, and other platforms so that they’ll be prepared when business picks up again. If you’re in the latter group, you can continue to help your clients by focusing on their long-term issues. What goals are your clients working towards? How can you help them get there? You may not be as closely connected with your clients right now, but you can still provide expert advice and problem-solving strategies.

About PracticeProfs

While these past few weeks have upended our traditional ways of doing business and interacting with clients – things will settle down, and life will return to normal. Your goal now should be to help your client feel confident and supported, even if that means that you’re communicating or providing services in a different format or platform. If you’d like to learn more about how PracticeProfs can assist your company, or to schedule a marketing seminar for your group, please click here.

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