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My first meeting with an introduced professional services firm owner, law firm attorney, or other prospective client normally consists of me asking a lot of questions. PracticeProfs offers a marketing program rather than a product, so I need to learn about the firm, its goals, and its marketing activities (current and previous) before I can suggest new ideas. It’s quite a novel approach compared to the one-minute sales pitches of most vendor sales reps. However, it’s required in order to create a program that actually generates measurable results.

Speaking of measurable, here’s how my initial conversation sometimes goes:

Dave: So how’s [insert marketing tactic here] working for you?
Firm principal: My [tactic] is doing fine.
Dave: That’s great. How many phone calls did it generate last month?
Firm principal: I don’t know.
Dave: Are you able to link that tactic to clients and revenue?
Firm principal: No. Is that even possible?

The answer is yes, and some sort of tracking capability should be a requirement before implementing any marketing tactic. If you’re not able to link marketing results to new contacts, prospective clients, and clients, there are probably three main reasons why:

  1. Your sales rep (or marketing coordinator) didn’t think through the process. Successful marketing requires experience, not just a script, seminar, or book.
  2. Your vendor doesn’t want you to know its tactic isn’t working. The sales rep would lose commission, especially when selling online one tactic, like search engine optimization.
  3. There’s no possible way to track results. I have yet to run into a good marketing tactic that can’t be tracked, but you never know…

The next time you get an email or phone call pitching an interesting digital or traditional marketing idea, ask a few extra questions:

  • What results should I expect? If the vendor has done this for another similar firm or legal office, the rep should be able to provide a reasonable results expectation.
  • How will you track results? There ought to be a specific way, like a special phone tracking number or response form.
  • How often will you review results with me? A monthly review is best, quarterly at least. Having access to online reporting is great, but you’ll want help interpreting the raw data.
  • What’s your definition of a lead or new prospective client? A phone call isn’t necessarily a lead unless it’s from a unique person/business, interested in your service, and ready to consult with your lawyers, CPAs, etc.
  • What happens if the tactic doesn’t produce the desired results? Are you locked into a long-term failure, or can you cancel and try something new?

If you can’t measure it, don’t do itSM

Oftentimes the marketing idea is great, but the vendor is not. Take the idea to a full-service marketing provider like PracticeProfs. A professional marketing firm can help you implement the idea AND provide the tracking you need to justify the investment. After all, the best marketing programs aren’t just a budget expense, but an investment in business and revenue growth. Once you’ve established a reasonable acquisition cost, you can increase or decrease new business activity by simply adjusting the investment.

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