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How the new Firefox/Yahoo partnership will impact your internet marketing campaign.

In late November, Firefox (3rd most popular web browser) dropped Google and announced a five-year strategic partnership that will make Yahoo the Firefox default US search engine. Given that Google’s Chrome is now the most widely used internet browser, the change isn’t surprising. Why do business with your main competitor when you can get a reported $300 million from someone else?

Yahoo wins instant market share

With the latest software update, Firefox users automatically get Yahoo search results. Although it’s now very easy to change the default search engine, Yahoo’s new and improved search experience (looks more like Google) will help keep Firefox users on Yahoo. Yahoo website visitors are already seeing a link to upgrade to the new Firefox/Yahoo service. Based on December results reported by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo had already gained 2 percentage points of market share. 

Impacts to your firm’s marketing efforts

Yahoo is making a big push for market share. Firefox boasts over 100 billion searches per year. That’s a big number, and Yahoo will be a major recipient of those searches going forward. Especially if you’ve been focused 100% on Google, it’s time to start thinking about changes to your search engine optimization efforts.

Yahoo search results are actually powered by Bing, a Microsoft company. “While most ethical search engine optimization tactics work for all search engines, there are still adjustments required to take full advantage of Yahoo’s search growth,” commented Sarah Adams, a search engine optimization expert from our sister company Swarm Agency. “It’s still most important to optimize for your visitors, but Bing gives more weight to factors like keywords, mobile-responsive content, and social media efforts.

Yahoo growth will also present new advertising opportunities. With Yahoo/Bing advertising network costs as much as 50% less than Google, it’s a bargain, at least until everyone else jumps in.

Take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity

Industry changes like this can generate a real boost for firms with the flexibility to quickly adjust their marketing efforts. If your SEO vendor hasn’t mentioned the Firefox/Yahoo partnership, maybe you need to follow Firefox’s lead and find a new strategic marketing partner.

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