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One of the most fascinating (and challenging!) aspects of marketing and communication is that the field is always changing. There is always a new platform to try, a new channel for communication, and even new buzzwords to use in the process. While it’s important to stay ahead of the trends and utilize new technology, you don’t want to let these tactics drive your goal and marketing program. It should be the other way around – set your goals and then choose relevant tactics.

Avoid the Tactic Trap

Too often, we’ve seen vendors trying to sell tactics. “You need social media!” “Geofencing will set your ad campaign on fire!” “Video is the best kept secret!” And on and on. Why does this happen? Because these tactics generate their sales commissions. But what if these tactics don’t work? Will the vendors let you know? I’m guessing, probably not.

The toughest challenge here is herding all of those marketing cats. If you’re doing a bunch of marketing “things” without a strategic plan in place – are you prepared to be the marketing manager and keep track of everything? As we like to tell our clients, if you can’t measure it, you shouldn’t be doing it. It doesn’t make sense to employ a bunch of marketing tactics if you can’t measure the results.

Beholden to Buzzwords

“While the social stack and geofencing may be micro-moments of the customer journey through your omnichannel strategy, taking a hyperlocal approach to your attribution marketing….” Huh? Does this pitch sound familiar? Instead, just keep it simple. First, figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. These are your goals – and it’s okay to have more than one at a time. Next, choose the best mix of activities that will help you.

What’s Your Marketing Goal?

If you want more word-of-mouth leads, or you want to grow your business from referral relationships and clients – search engine optimization (SEO) won’t help you there. You need to get yourself, your firm, and your message directly in front of those specific individuals and groups, and keep it top of mind.

If you want more general leads, you should understand your potential audience and costs before throwing money at Adwords paid search. It is often too expensive, especially for smaller advertisers, and there are a number of better and different approaches that cost less money.

If you want to expand the audience for your message or your firm, think about ways to build a following. The analogy “if a tree falls in the woods” is the same for social media. Why post on Facebook if you only have a few followers? There may be better places to start, like LinkedIn or email.

There’s No Magic Marketing Solution

We’ve mentioned this before, but unfortunately, there is no magic marketing bullet. What you should be doing is prioritizing your goals, do a couple of things very well, and then add more activities and complexities as you are able to. Managing your marketing is a full-time job. It involves organizing, planning, executing, managing, and measuring. If the marketing person you’re working with is a commissioned sales rep or the same person who answers your phone calls – well, you might want to start thinking about finding better council.

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