Website Optimization

With search engine and security guidelines changing on literally a daily basis, your website is too valuable a marketing tool to just set and forget. Too many firms pay hundreds, or even thousands, each month just to have a generic website template.This is like opening up for business, but then placing your sign in your basement and expecting prospective client to call.

A quality website requires four different skill sets to create and maintain an experience that will convert visitors into prospective clients. It demands a team with demonstrated expertise in each area, not just some college kid who knows how to write code.

  1. Design – Your site is an extension of your firm and brand. It needs to look professional, provide helpful information, appear modern. Visitors will equate the site and experience to your quality of service. 
  2. Content – The message has to be more than just generic comments about excellent service or superior reputation. Prove it by educating visitors and differenting your firm from competitors.
  3. Development – With the never-ending  flow of internet browser and application updates, your site infrastructure needs to change as well. You need a flexible technology platform.
  4. Marketing – Is your website search engine friendly or search engine optimized? There's a big difference that will pay off in new prospects and clients.


PracticeProfs can take over your existing site management, or help you create a new custom site that more effectively communicates your unique message and advantages. This includes original content, award-winning design, and a state-of-the-art content management system that allows you to easily make updates at any time. Then, we’ll make sure that your monthly fees go toward maintaining the latest search engine optimization (SEO) standards and security protocols. You’d be surprised at how cost-effective site development and management should be. Let us show you.

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