Metrics and Reporting

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it. And if it comes from an advertising vendor, don’t necessarily believe it.

Metrics like cost-per-contact, acquisition cost, marketing allocation, and ROI are critical to evaluating program effectiveness. PracticeProfs utilizes a proprietary, consolidated dashboard reporting tool to present ALL results right up through your firm's overall ROI. We consolidate disparate reporting, verify all numbers utilizing neutral third-party tools, and present results in format where you can review specific timeframes and track trends over time. Armed with this quantitative data, together we can quickly make adjustments to further improve your results over time.

From here, marketing becomes an INVESTMENT, not a budget. Once you know that you’re willing to spend $X to acquire a new client, it’s a simple decision to test and invest in those activities that will yield clients for that amount or less.

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