Case Studies

Law Firm Marketing Optimization


A mid-sized, multi-location family law firm was struggling. The tight economy and dire financial outlook were reducing the overall quantity of couples seeking their primary service, divorce, resulting in fewer prospective client consultations and new clients. Many prospective clients seeking initial consultations no longer had the marital assets to justify the use of the firm’s experienced attorneys.

Meanwhile, marketing costs to reach that smaller audience were also increasing. Existing vendors were raising rates, and new solution providers were contacting the firm every day with promises of amazing results from activities such as search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, directory listings and mailings.

Without a complete grasp on current marketing return on investment, the firm was concerned about expanding marketing efforts. The firm was unable to link current marketing campaigns to specific revenue results and was leery of the claims made by new solution providers. The time they took to solve their marketing issues took them away from their clients and billable hours. They turned to PracticeProfs for help.


PracticeProfs first evaluated the firm’s current marketing initiatives, meeting with representatives from every vendor and documenting specific activities, costs, and, where available, results. As part of this benchmarking exercise, PracticeProfs worked with the firm’s principal to set realistic goals for marketing activity results and client acquisition costs.

Tracking mechanisms were implemented to measure the specific results of each marketing program where possible, or else the program was cut. PracticeProfs made further adjustments to maximize exposure and resulting calls/emails. Unproductive programs were also cut, so valuable time would be spent only on the programs generating the best results.

PracticeProfs then improved and expanded the firm’s online presence. The website was redesigned to deliver a more compelling and educational message to prospective clients, while also improving the ability for prospective clients to find the firm. Online reach was expanded as well, showcasing the firm’s knowledge and experience on relevant sites and search engines. New marketing campaigns were added with results-based structures.

The performance improvement activities also extended to the firm’s attorneys, who learned how to build larger business networks and improve "conversion" from prospect consultations to retained clients. Regular meetings were implemented so they could share lessons learned from clients retained as well as lost.

All programs were incorporated into a single “report card” tool that highlighted activities, results and return on investment (ROI). Each month, the programs were reviewed, with ongoing modifications made to improve the firm’s message, pipeline and results.


The firm’s phones started ringing. Website traffic increased 63%, with an 87% increase in contacts generated from the site. Through optimization of existing marketing budget (prior to expansion), new client acquisition cost was reduced by 67%. With a higher volume of prospective clients along with improvements the response and attorney consultation processes, the firm saw a 50% increase in retained clients.

With the new report card format and monthly marketing reviews, ongoing changes continue to be made that improve firm exposure, message and results.