Sample Programs

Marketing Expertise and Execution, Starting at Less Than $2,000.

Every firm is different, and so are your marketing needs. Terms like SEO, pay-per-click, social media, and directory listings are just tactics – NOT a marketing solution. You first need to understand how to reach your audience and “buyers.” Then, create an ROI-based marketing plan by combining the optimal mix of activities that place and keep your firm’s name and educational message in front of those buyers. Here are just a few examples of how PracticeProfs can help:

Evaluate Your Current Marketing Efforts

What are you getting in return for your marketing investment? Are there better options to consider? A green light on a vendor report doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best results for the money. PracticeProfs will conduct a detailed third-party analysis of your current marketing activities, including a report card review of metrics and costs. Then we will present recommendations for ways to improve your current marketing activities along with new ideas for expanding your reach.

Build Your Marketing Plan

PracticeProfs will work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing program with detailed documentation of specific marketing activities, metrics, and reporting criteria:

  1. Discovery – Understand who is buying so you know what to say and where to say it. Analyze competitors and create true differentiators. Meet the team and set results expectations.
  2. Development – Build the messaging framework with clear, distinct, and relevant messages about your firm and services. Define tactical plan with specific activities, vendors, objectives, budget, and metrics. Create communication templates.
  3. Deployment – Create the line-level detail that you need to successfully launch and maintain your program. This includes what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how you’re going to measure it.Then we'll train the implementers.

Provide Marketing Leadership

PracticeProfs will act as your firm’s marketing VP, partnering with your internal team and vendors to ensure that your program is effectively launched and managed:

  1. Team Oversight – Define and manage marketing roles. Ensure assignments are proactively communicated, delivered on time, and enhanced for maximum results.
  2. Plan Management – Organize and maintain all activities, deliverables and vendors so that everything happens when and where expected. Fix anything unexpected.
  3. Results Reporting and Analysis – Coordinate development of monthly report card. Review and analyze results, and present recommendations as well as new ideas.

Run Your Complete Marketing Program

When you are 100% focused on running your firm, PracticeProfs will be 100% focused on running your marketing program and assets (like your website). Your PracticeProfs team of marketing experts has one primary goal – generate interest and leads for your firm. While everything starts with your comments, outlines and approvals, we’ll handle the rest, crisply executing and maintaining all aspects of your program – today and in the future. You will receive regular progress and ROI reporting, along with ideas for enhancing results and revenue. There are always ways to improve results, and we’ll find them.

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