The most critical components of your marketing program are results measurement and reporting. The PracticeProfs proprietary Report CardSM reporting tool presents the combined results of ALL activities in ONE place, including:

Cost – fully-loaded cost of all marketing activities, including ours.

Contacts – valid contacts through phone, form, chat or email.

Pipeline – continuum from initial contact, through consultation and close.

Acquisition cost – cost of new clients, plus cost as a percentage of new revenue.

ROI – the bottom-line confirmation of our mutual success

We'll customize the tool for you, and train you on the simple process for entering specific results data, or we can do all it for you. The summary section rolls up all activity into a consolidated dashboard indication of your overall sales and marketing results and success over time.

Before implementing any new activity or campaign with any vendor, we set goals, determine appropriate metrics and ensure that all results are measurable to our specific standards. If we can’t measure it, we don’t do it.

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